offers the best analogue and digital technology for the final sound enhancement of music productions.
The individual sound of a production always remains the focus of our work.
The right balance between loudness and dynamics is the benchmark for successful mastering.
On request, we will create a free trial master without obligation.

Gyso Hilger has been working as a sound engineer and music producer for 20 years and has been operating the Nektarium recording studio in Darmstadt since 2005. From 2016 - 2022 he worked as a lecturer and coach at the Abbey Road Institute in Frankfurt. Since 2023 he has been teaching at the SAE Institute on the new campus in Frankfurt. 

Nektarium Mastering offers the following services:

Mastering for CD, vinyl, online platforms and streaming services.
Stem Mastering for several stereo groups of a production.
Test Master after consultation free of charge and without obligation.
Recording/Mixing with high quality microphones and best analogue hardware.

Upload: Here your production can be uploaded.


Since we moved with Nektarium Music to the Raum 103 Studio in Darmstadt, we may offer an 80 square meter recording room including a Steinway Grand Piano for larger band and orchestra recordings. In addition to a large collection of microphones, high-quality preamps from Neve and API are used. In addition, classics such as the Fender Rhodes and Wurlitzer piano, as well as analogue synthesizers such as Minimoog, Jupiter 4 and Prophet 6 can be used for the productions.


Our selected analogue equipment gives the master the special depth that is not achievable with Plug Ins alone. In addition to various equalizers and compressors a Studer A810 tape machine is available. For the summation a Studer 269 mixing console is used.

Equalizer: Manley Massive Passive, Chandler Curve Bender, Sontec MEP-250EX, API 5500, AMS Neve 1073DPX, BFE Filtek MK3
Compression: Manley Variable MU, Vertigo VSC-2, Thermionic Culture Phoenix, Teletronix LA-2A, API 2500, Summit DCL200, Summit TLA100, Tube Tech CL1B, Urei 1178, Drawmer 1968 MKII
Interface/Convertion: Forssell MADA-2, Apogee Symphony MK II
Monitoring: ATC SCM25A Pro, APS Trinity, Klein+Hummel 098, Dangerous Music Monitor ST
DAW: Wavelab 11, Ableton Live 11, Logic Pro 10, Izotope RX6
Plug-Ins: Steinberg, Universal Audio, FabFilter, Softtube u.a.
Tape Maschine: Studer B67
Summing: API "The Box"
Cabling: Vovox
Preamps: Neve OPX (16 Ch.), Neve 1073 DPX (2Ch.), API (8Ch.)
Microphones: Neumann, AKG, Sennheiser, Coles, Royer, Shure, Schoeps, Audio Technica, DPA, Electro Voice
Instruments: Steinway D-274, Fender Rhodes, Wurlitzer, Hammond, Leslie, Jupiter 4, Solina, Minimoog, Prophet 6, TR8, CR-78, Moog Voyager, JX-3P


ReJazz, Lui Hill, Gwen Dolyn, metty, Baba Shrimp Gang, Electric Horseman, DJE9, Quatertone, Joram Feitsma, halfpastseven, Whiskydenker, Max Clouth, Matthias Vogt, Ritter Hilger Stütz, Itta und die Emmerichs, Meloi, Nekta, Rooki, Stefan Varga, ruben6am, Moon Rise City, Saigon Soul Revival, Jazz against the Maschine, Saigon Super Sound, Dr. Woggle and the Radio, Bischler, The Iascope, Jacob & Phil Fill, Pablo Bischoff, Feinherb, Toju Kae, Portformat, Petko, Moonkid7, Sigura, Chris Galvano, Crazy`bout Kinski, Sympathetic Parasite,  Obo, Claudia Vervy, Mop Mop, Chelonis R. Jones, Immergrün, Oliver Kraus, Harald Pons, Superfro, The Folks, Soulpatrol, OJ Vibes u.a.



1 Song 85,00 EUR
2-4 Songs 75,00 EUR per Song
5-8 Songs 65,00 EUR per Song
from 9 Songs 55,00 EUR per Song
DDP Image (Delivery standard for duplication in the CD press shop) 85,00 EUR
all prices plus 19% VAT

Recording/Mixing and Stem Mastering

We will create an offer for upon request.